Take your snow business to the next level.

Plowguys runs on the ServiceRoute platform, which is designed to handle your e-commerce contracts, customer onboarding and route management. You can work with us, or on your own. In either case, you have control of your prices, coverage areas and service contract.


Flexible Plans to Offer to Your Customers

Create multiple plans to generate predictable and growing revenues. Sell customers on budget-friendly plans that align with your business goals.

Offering a spot on my route--that alone--is something I deem of value. Selling subscriptions for those spots, then charging for snow events on top, is tremendous for my business.

Ted AkrivlellisPlowguys Manager

A common sense approach to balance the offline and online worlds of pricing service jobs: Set up your pricing for a small driveway, add extra services, then the system increases the price on your behalf as the prospect selects her property metrics. But nothing is charged without your approval. You can accept or reject jobs that comes in, or adjust the price, then send back to your prospect.

Seasonal Plans

The residential norm. Create these plans to offer customers service all winter long, either on a fixed price or per event basis. For fixed-price plans, you can offer installment payments (which automatically charge your customer’s card every 30 days). Per event pricing lets you input “per push” or “per inch” tiers to account for accumulation.

Flexible Monthly Plans

We built these plans as a hybrid between fixed seasonal pricing and per event pricing. For example, you can offer prospects a spot on your route for a fixed monthly price, which covers a set number of events (predictable revenue) and have per event pricing kick-in for additional events (unpredictable revenue). These plans are fully adaptable and good for those late-in-the-season requests.

On-Demand Plans

These plans let you offer service for one-time customers. You can put idle trucks or manpower to use (especially days after an event), or offer true one-off services like roof work or hauling. Convert an on-demand customer to a regular with an invite to your route.


Easy Naming and Onboarding to Your Routes

Contracting with customers is extremely fast and simple, as is getting paid after each snow event.

Jason GetzDWG Home Improvement

To help referrals and acquisition happen more naturally, you can name your routes, preceding with a hash, e.g. #MySnowRoute. We also built Search for route names. Your route name takes a prospect directly to your onboarding flow--with your business name, logo and service contract ready.

On Point

Feature-Rich, Made for Residential

ServiceRoute makes managing snow plowing routes straightforward, and helps us deliver great service to our customers.

Shawn SennettPlowguys Manager

Simple features to help you with the trappings of residential work.

Real-Time ETAs

Reduce your support overhead by offering customers alerts when their route starts and ends, and ETAs in-between.

Route Management & Optimization

Move properties between routes, move routes to employees or subs. Optimize your last mile with route optimization.

Pause/Live Button

Pause your service plans to either stop accepting customers, or to waitlist leads. Go Live when you’re ready to roll.

Legal Ready

A built-in snow contract which conforms to your business name and jurisdiction. Or you can upload your own.

Teams & Schedules

Invite employees or subs to perform your routes. Communicate with all property stakeholders through one interface.

Built-In Payments

Payment processing for your customers and subs. Funds gets transferred to your account on a rolling basis.


Built-in Subcontracting. No kidding.

We took a radical leap from the traditional siloed approach to property and customer management to a networked approach. Your route is an asset class. You can assign it to a sub-contractor, with controls and permissions.

Asset-lite Growth

Manage and bill your customers, but transfer fulfillment to a sub-contractor. Schedule payments to your subs right in ServiceRoute.

Swap Accounts

For residential snow, swap accounts with other businesses to maximize route density. The customer experience is seamless, without any new account set-ups.

Retain Ownership,
Transfer performance

Your show

Work with us-or do your own thing-
on the ServiceRoute platform

We work with small businesses to help them succeed and help us grow. ServiceRoute is available also to businesses who wish to remain independent.



We leave you alone

Route Manager

You represent our brand and uphold our standards in a defined area


Directly from customer sales

We send you a 1099


Yours entirely

Yours subject to our governing agreement and standards


You define it

Granted by us






Plowguys keeps a % of gross


You pay it (currently a % of gross for winter 2015-16)

Plowguys pays it





Online (ServiceRoute)

Online and Offline (phone calls, public and private organization referrals)


Your responsibility

Plowguys corporate policy (requires application)






Yes, with permission


Choose this if you have your own landscaping or property management business, and snow customers “cross-over” to your other offerings.

Choose this if you’re a “lone wolf” or don’t have other maintenance offerings, and want our support and brand power to help win contracts. If you’re unsure, it’s better to start independent.