Our Model

Our mission is better snow & ice management for all parties -- our customers, workers, and insurance carriers -- to drastically reduce exposure, drive satisfaction and peace-of-mind, and build rewarding, long-lasting careers.

Plowguys is a snow contractor, serving the Boston market since 2015.. Our operations are designed for urban settings, harnessing the power of a concentrated workforce, route management technology, and deep domain expertise.

Risk Mitigation

Our role as snow contractors is to mitigate risk. It may seem odd to think of winter services from this vantage point, but make no mistake, our primary objective is to protect your ass(ets) by reducing exposure to risk. Massachusetts imposes a legal duty on property owners to keep property clear of snow and ice, whether from natural or unnatural causes.

The triumvirate of trust


pay bills & report Issues.


standardize and perform professional services


shift risk, defend, and,
when needed, pay-out

Subscription Based Canadian Model

Plowguys has its roots in the Canadian model of snow & ice management: subscription-based revenue and, on multiple sites, agricultural tractors instead of trucks or skidsteers. Predictable revenue breaks from the ​feast or famine economics​ that plagues the snow business,​ ​letting us hire employees, invest in tightly-defined service areas, and take advantage of cost-savings such as bulk salt purchases and equipment financing, to benefit customers.

Predictable Revenue
  • ✓ Hire (W2) employees
  • ✓ Invest in equipment / technology
  • ✓ Procure proper insurance
  • ✓ Purchase salt/deicing agents in bulk
  • ✓ Expand to new territories
  • ✓ Lend to sub-contractors/1099s


Plowguys specializes in condominium and (small-to-medium-sized) commercial snow & ice management in urban settings.

Predictable Revenue
  • ✓ Sidewalk city ordinance compliance
  • ✓ Shoveling and manual snowblowing
  • ✓ Deicing and anti-icing
  • ✓ Special Needs (Ramps, wheelchair accessible)
  • ✓ Detail work / snow hauling


On many sites (and one residential route in Newton), we use compact tractors with front-mounted plows and rear-mounted snowblowers. This setup is the standard in Canada, and is becoming popular in the U.S.

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Route Management Technology

Plowguys builds its own route-centric software for exterior property maintenance. Automating tasks and capturing data from the field--without burdening field workers with complex mobile applications--is a shortcoming of many field service systems. Not to mention a lack of focus on route businesses and customer interactions (e.g. schedules, alerts, visit logs, weather data, etc.), contract management, recurring/subscription billing, and route analytics (e.g. density, timing, profitability).




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  • Real-time Geolocation

    Passive location tracking so operators can focus on their work, and customers can see the progress of their route.

  • ETAs

    Dynamic ETAs pushed to customers from the field.

  • Log File

    Time in and time out logged for compliance purposes and historical archiving with the property.

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