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Snow & ice management for your home or business.
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Preventative, Eyes-on-the-Ground Winter Maintenance
Snow & ice management is the business of risk mitigation. Our job doesn’t end with the last pile or salting for any one storm. Instead, it continues long after the snow has stopped, monitoring and responding to hazardous conditions all winter—because that’s the standard of care the law requires.
Massachusetts Law
The law mandates clearing both natural and unnatural (e.g. refreeze) snow and ice. You can be held liable for failure to do so.
Our Services
We provide snow plowing, snowblowing, shoveling, relocation/hauling and de-icing services in the Greater Boston area.
Coverage Areas
Our urban routes are designed for optimal travel, access to salt depots, and deploying the appropriate equipment and manpower.
Public Sidewalk Laws
Many cities and towns have ordinances (or bylaws) requiring property owners to clear snow from public sidewalks abutting their property. Use the map to find yours:
Suffolk County
3 hrs. after snowfall ends; or
3 hrs.  after sunrise for overnight snow.
24 hrs. after snowfall ends
3 hrs. after snowfall ends; or
3 hrs.  after sunrise for overnight snow.
3 hrs. after snowfall ends; or
3 hrs.  after sunrise for overnight snow.
Have questions about Plowguys?
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What areas do you service?
How much snow is needed to start service?
When is a good time of year to hire Plowguys?
What pricing plans are available?
Do you come more than once during a snow event?
From the Field
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A Stress-Free Winter
We hustle to build features and fine-tune processes to provide our customers with an exceptional winter experience.  
Winter Weather Alerts
With our friends at WeatherWorks, we push storm forecasts to you, including our plans for service. 
Route Announcements
Your route manager will monitor conditions and alert you of when service starts, including any delays or local hazards.
Customer Support
Our customer service reps assigned to your property and route are amazing. And you can opt-in to text with them all winter.
Neighborhood ETAs (beta)
ETAs from Plowguys Crew app are relayed to you when your crew enters a cluster of properties designated as a neighborhood.
Next Day Cleanup Crews
While your regular crew rests, Plowguys cleanup crews are assigned support requests (often for next-day cleanups and ice prevention).
Compliance (beta)
A history of service records collected passively from your crew, logged and searchable by you.
What customers say about us!
Customers are our mirror.
“Our six-unit condo building in Somerville has finally found a snow removal service that is worth the money and then some! We especially like the fixed, tiered pricing for the whole season. Plowguys is meticulous about doing a good job.”
Diane L.
Somerville MA
“Plowguys has become a preferred vendor for many of the properties that we manage.  During winter weather events, their communication is top notch! They are dependable and have delivered consistent, quality services over the years.”
Peacock Properties
Boston MA
“We own two businesses in the Boston area and Plowguys helps us with our snow removal and landscaping.They send updates prior to snow storms, during the actual storm, and make sure that we know we will be taken care of.  Great business to work with - very communicative!”
Laura C.
Watertown MA
“I live in NH but have a rental property in Cambridge.  I've been using Plowguys for several years now and can honestly can't imagine using anyone else. Being so far away, it's really important to me that I can depend on them and they've always come through for me.  I can't recommend them enough!”
Maggie M
Cambridge MA
“We're starting our seventh year using Plowguys! Their services are perfect for us, here's why: never a need to call, they closely monitor the weather and automatically come to shovel and de-ice; they communicate fantastically, emailing their expected plans *before* a storm, and during if it's big; and rarely have I needed them to come back to complete the work, but they always do so promptly without complaint.”
John B.
Somerville MA
“Plowguys did an excellent job cleaning up the snow for our condo association. The crews always showed up on time and did several rounds of cleaning in the middle of severe snowstorms. With Plowguys' service, our trustees felt relaxed during major snowstorms because we knew we were in good hands.”
Jiejen C.
Cambridge MA
Check availability and get a quote.
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