We specialize in residential
snow & ice management.

A great residential experience starts and ends with communication. You deserve to have your calls answered or returned promptly, to know upfront what the price will be, to stay connected during a snow event.
Primary Services

Tractor snowblowing and plowing

Compact farm tractors with inverted snowblowers.

Dedicated plow operators in tight coverage areas.

Other Services

Winter services succeed at the crosshairs of logistics, know-how and relationships. We take pride in our work and care about our customers.

How We Work

A network of dependable professionals

Maintaining high standards requires the discipline to say “No” when we can’t service you properly or on time. Plus the tech is pretty cool at times: If a truck fails, your property can be moved to another provider’s route with a few clicks.

Managers we know and trust, as well as salaried operators.

Third-party contractors, connected through search.

Joining a #route

It’s how residential contractors run.

Snow contractors, like bus drivers, perform routes. It's odd to think in terms of "booking" a bus. It would be odder too if the bus wasn't labeled. To make consuming services more natural and aligned with the domain, contractors name their service routes--and you can join one via search.


You can search by location or, if you know a particular route, by name, preceded by a hash (#). Then select a service plan, enter your information, and off you go.

It's up to the local Plowguys manager or third-party contractor. Most managers don't offer one-time plowing, but some contractors may, especially the "day after." True one-off services like hauling or roof work are different cases than regular maintenance service, and are booked ad hoc.

Snow contractors create plans based on a pricing model they select. Most plans are priced "per event," which means you pay each time it snows (unpredictable revenue model), but we're noticing an increase in fixed seasonal and even monthly subscription plans (predictable revenue model), both supported by the system.

Most contractors set their per event plans to account for accumulation--the bigger the storm, the higher your price. It isn't "surge" the way an Uber model sometimes needs to work to meet demand (here the demand is set usually months in advance). It's more "tiered" pricing, like paying higher tolls off the highway the farther you travel.

Snow & ice management is a type of route. We didn’t find an existing platform which properly handles route-centric interactions (both B2C and B2B). So we built our own. We named it ServiceRoute. That’s where you signup for service. Other businesses are free to use it.

No. But you can request one to service your neighborhood. Learn how by contacting us.