Our Model
Since 2015, thousands have leaned on Plowguys for reliable and consistent snow & ice management.
Our founding came on the heels of the record-breaking 110” winter snowfall for Boston and comprised two routes of single-family homes in Newton Centre. 
We want to mitigate risk & give customers a consistently worry-free experience.
Risk Mitigation
As snow contractors, our primary goal is risk mitigation. It's our duty to monitor and respond to  wintery conditions on your property in accordance with Massachusetts case law, as well as obey local laws on clearing or deicing sidewalks abutting your property.
Worry-Free Customers
Snow events are a source of worry for many property and business owners. We continually work to improve processes and build tools to relay information to you during a winter event, and solve problems in the field as they arise.
Part of solving the snow puzzle is combining old tech with new.
Subscription Based Canadian Model
Plowguys has its roots in the Canadian model of snow: subscription-based revenue and on multiple sites, ag tractors with pushers and snowblower attachments. Predictable revenue breaks from the feast or famine economics that plagues smaller snow businesses, letting us hire and invest in tightly-defined areas, and realizing cost savings such as salt procurement in tonnage and equipment financing.
  • ✓ Hire employees (snow or shine)
  • ✓ Invest in equipment / technology
  • ✓ Purchase salt/deicing agents in bulk
  • ✓ Expand to new territories
  • ✓ Lend to sub-contractors/1099s
Our Ag Tractors
A standard setup in Canada, and gaining popularity here in the U.S., our dual functioning and highly maneuverable ag tractors with back-mounted snow blowers compact snow to ⅓ its size, reducing or eliminating snow hauling. Also, because they can stack as well as plow, a separate skid steer isn’t needed on sites our tractors perform.
Route Management Technology
We build our own route-centric software and mobile apps for contract management and automating tasks from the field, giving customers information on schedules, alerts, visit logs and weather data.
Focus on Urban Areas
Plowguys ops are designed for urban areas, where high route density and a concentrated labor force combine to deliver timely, affordable service for our customers.
  • ✓ Sidewalk city ordinance compliance
  • ✓ Shoveling and push-behind snowblowing
  • ✓ Ice prevention
  • ✓ Special Needs (Ramps, wheelchair accessible)
  • ✓ Next day monitoring, cleanup and deicing
Motivated Workforce
Snow isn’t a side gig. It’s an essential service in your local economy, and frankly we (and other contractors) can’t afford a disengaged labor force.  As such, route managers are paid a base salary—snow or shine—to keep happy and motivated.